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Ask Dr. Mo

You’ve got  questions? We’ve got answers. Our resident podiatrist, Dr. Monique Holmes, will answer your questions each month in our newsletter, premier issue launches February 2011. Want to know which exercises help knee and back pain? Worried about foot health? Questioning your diet? Need a fitness plan? Send us your questions today. We’ll select several questions for Dr. Mo to read and answer. Feel free to be as creative as you’d like–pictures, video, emails, letters . . . You can email us or post questions on this blog, our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Look for Ask Dr. Mo in our February edition of the Happy Feet newsletter.


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Hello there loyal readers of Happy Feet! I am honored to share with you a little bit about me and my practice. One of the first things I’m asked is “Why Podiatry?”  My first response is “It’s better than Proctology” LOL (Am I Right?!?). Seriously, I was a McDonald’s All-American soccer player in High-School. One of our trainers was a Podiatrist. He told us that we could be a physician and still have a family and a fulfilling lifestyle. I believed him so HERE I AM… Dr. Monique Holmes. For the most part, I am able to make my patients feel better once they leave than when they came into the office. I often say “Time to make HAPPY FEET.” Ben Franklin once said, “When your feet hurt, your entire body hurts.” So I’ve made it my mission to make as many people as “Happy” as I can…. 1 set of feet at a time.  

I currently work for Manatee County Rural Health Services. It is a Multi-Discipline organization (48 Doctors, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners). We treat patients REGARDLESS of the ability to pay. That makes me a HAPPY DOCTOR!!! In today’s economy, with so many losing their jobs and their insurance, it’s important that these individuals get the health care that they require. I have a focus on Diabetics, Geriatrics, & Pediatric/Sports Medicine. Some of the more common diagnoses I treat include Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, sprained ankles, fractures, Ingrown toenails, Bunions, Hammertoes, Fungus of the nails and feet, dermatitis, neuromas, cancer, warts, cysts, infections, and ulcers. One of the most common mistakes people make is to WAIT to seek medical attention.  SOONER rather than LATER is ALWAYS the Best Answer. One last thing before I get into the “Fun Stuff”…You should NOT have to live with pain. Don’t dismiss an ache as “A Part Of Life.” Life should be as Pain-Free as possible! 😉

My “Life” on Twitter…. A little over a year ago, I remembered hearing all the buzz about this “Twitter”. I wasn’t a social media girl. I wasn’t on Facebook. I have never been in a chat room. I am such a social butterfly in real life that I couldn’t really see the benefit of the on-line “Stuff”. I had some spare time after a surgery and decided to log on. I came up with a name (that is now @FitInMyHeart) and began to “Tweet”. I did what most newcomers do; I started following stars. A lady from New York began tweeting with me. That Friday, she did a #FollowFriday and a Mr. Tweet recommendation for me. The rest, as they say, is history! I have been blessed to get involved with a group of positive, healthy Tweethearts. They are so incredibly motivating and supportive. I decided that 2011 will be the year that I HIT GOAL WEIGHT! I want to push limits! My first order of business….

THE DISNEY HALF MARATHON! I used the Hal Higdon 12 week training plan for this race. I used the gymboss counter for my running/walking intervals. I made it through my training fairly injury free. My Goal… To give it 100%. On the day of the race, I was FOCUSED, EXCITED, and READY! The traffic was insane but the Disney Resort Transportation finally got us to the start. For me, the best part of the course was around mile 5 when we ran through Magic Kingdom!

Things were going well. My Friend in running (slorunnermom turned @DareToBecome www.daretobecome.com) was sending update tweets to my friends who were cheering me on. I was right on my training pace as I passed mile marker 9. Many people behind me, my legs felt strong, my feet were pain-free, I knew I had the energy and the drive to finish! Around mile marker 9.3 two tour buses pulled out 20 feet ahead of us to block the road. The Sheriff’s officers informed us that they needed to open the roads to the parks. I made my way to the finish line to watch My Team (Including My Brother Dr. Lewis Holmes) finish the race. In addition, I was able to cheer on my sister-in-law in her first road race ever—The Disney Full Marathon!  Check out the cute picture that she took at mile 24 (see slideshare).  That race, that day was a VICTORY for ALL OF US! For me, the success was that I TRAINED, I SHOWED UP, and I GAVE IT MY ALL! 

Whats next for me?  A 10K in Ohio (During the Cleveland Marathon Weekend). My GOAL is to RUN the entire race. (No walking intervals). YES, it will be a CHALLENGE! But Isnt that what Life is all about?!? 

So, My “Take Home Message” to YOU!!!!  STOP being a SPECTATOR! Get In The GAME! The TIME is NOW! Just Take a STEP and REPEAT!!!  😉 SEE YOU OUT THERE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjiVyxj0gZ8 <~ “One Step At A Time” By Jordin Sparks

BIO: Dr. Monique Holmes is currently a part of Manatee County Rural Health Services. EDUCATION:  B.S from Alcorn State University in Lorman, MS (Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. MEDICAL SCHOOL: University Of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College Of Podiatry. RESIDENCY:  St.Vincent’s Hospital in NYC.

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Has back pain zapped your energy? Left you feeling unable to perform everyday tasks? If you feel like back pain has taken over your life, you are not alone. According to a recent article from Ivanhoe News, Americans spend more than 50 million dollars per year on back pain treatment. And The American Chiropractic Association shows that 80% of the population will endure back pain and associated problems at some point during their lives. It’s important to understand the causes of back pain and ways to prevent it and/or heal it.

So what causes back pain? Some people experience back pain issues after an accident or fall of some kind. In that case, it’s important to see a doctor immediately. But most of us develop back pain problems from normal activity, including standing at work all day, sitting improperly at a desk for hours a day, and performing basic household chores. Even overworking your body in the gym or sticking to that routine walk or run takes a toll. Every step you take puts pressure on legs, hips and the spine. Overuse of the muscles puts added pressure and stress on the back.

Here are some common back pain symptoms:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Burning muscle pain
  • Stiffness in joints and muscles
  • Pain that worsens with activity
  • Limited movement

How do you fight back? First and most importantly, allow yourself a day or two with limited mobility, providing your body the opportunity to recuperate. You can also alternate a heating pad and an ice pack to help with any possible swelling. Make sure you have a pair of comfortable supportive shoes when you are ready to return to a normal routine. Therapeutic insoles, of course we recommend Happy Feet®, can be worn for added comfort and pain relief, distributing weight evenly and absorbing impact with every massaging step. Good posture helps too, particularly if you sit or stand all day at work. Normal physical activity with ample rest days and a healthy diet help keep you at a comfortable weight, which can play a big part in keeping back pain at bay. Specific exercises for the back build strength and durability. You can find a variety of these at the American Pain Foundation, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and the Mayo Clinic. Remember, if back pain persists, please consult a physician.

Have you recently experienced back pain problems? Found solutions that work for you? We’d love to hear from you.

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Has Happy Feet changed your life? Is your foot pain a thing of the past? Plantar Fasciitis dust in the wind? Circulation better than a ceiling fan? We want to know. We’d love to hear your Happy Feet success story. Every day customers write us about using our insoles and experiencing immediate relief from chronic pain, including back, leg, neck, hip, and foot pain. If you have a Happy Feet story, we encourage you to share it with us.

Post your success story on the Happy Feet Facebook page for our fans to read. Write as much or as little as you want. Make it funny. Spice it up. Keep it serious. Or just state the facts. It’s your story. We’d love it even more if you include pictures and/or video showing your Happy Feet in action. Each month we’ll read all the great responses, look through the photos, and view the videos. We’ll then select one lucky winner as our Testimonial of the Month. The winner receives a complimentary pair of Happy Feet® Insoles.

*By participating and submitting testimonials, pictures and/or videos, you grant permission to Happy Feet to use your image on the Happy Feet website and social media sites.

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Most of us spend the first part of the New Year trying desperately to stick to a list of fine-tuned rigid resolutions and goals. Without fail, getting fit reigns at number one for the majority of resolution makers. For years that’s been my number one but no more. I changed it up for 2011. Maybe you should too.

Getting fit is more about the mental aspect than the physical. And this is where I’m focusing in 2011. I want to bring back the passion and spark that help ignite energy, making physical fitness and healthy eating interesting, easier and doable. Passion is my number one goal this year. I must feed it. With it, my mind and body will work as one, gaining strength and confidence. Without it, my hunger for passion evolves into a feeding frenzy of junk food and quick fixes.

Sometimes it needs to be about me. Come on, we’re all guilty of it—placing everyone else’s needs above our own. Ignoring ourselves for the greater good of mankind or something like that . . . We allow work, home, the kids, and life in general to drag us down, consume us, until there’s nothing left. I’m working on compartmentalizing my responsibilities, wiping away a little dust and cleaning out a spot just for me. We show others how much we love them and are willing to do for them, but how often do we show ourselves the same appreciation?

I close my list with adventure; yep, a walk on the wild side. During this next year, I want to try something new, find a hidden gem, or make a great discovery. Maybe I’ll try my hand at hockey or climb a mountain, or even run with the bulls. Or maybe I’ll start on that great American novel. Perhaps I’ll navigate my way through a new city. No matter how big or small the adventure, I’ll be doing what matters most, living, and that’s the greatest adventure of all.

Here’s to your list and a Happy New You.

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