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We all dream of emulating our favorite athletes on the football field, on the court, or on the ice. But it’s no fun to follow in the famous footsteps of sports stars who have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, like New York Giants Aaron Ross an Eli Manning. With an injury like Plantar Fasciitis, an athlete can lose an entire season. Without the proper diagnosis and treatment, you too can find yourself plagued with constant pain and lose time from work and activities you enjoy most.

It’s important to understand your opponent before you can decide the best strategy to conquer the pain. Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of the plantar fascia, a connecting tissue stretching along the bottom of the foot.  Often, if their feet are X-rayed, people with plantar fasciitis will have a heel spur, or ridge of calcium formed off the heel bone, but it is not the cause of the pain:  the problem is the plantar fascia.  With constant pressure, such as long periods carrying large amounts of weight, often with uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes that do not suitably support the foot, plantar fasciitis may result, as the connective tissue along the base of the foot struggles with the constant stretching and tension under weight without rest.  Plantar fasciitis may also result from a sudden type of movement or athletic activity after periods of inactivity, such as a long walk after days at a desk.  Runners especially may suffer, given that they often race starting from a non-active position. 

For sufferers of plantar fasciitis, pain is most often felt at the bottom of the heel, but it can also occur in other areas of the foot, even “moving” to different areas on the same person’s foot.  The pain is often worst when first getting up for the day and may increase over time.  Knee pain is possible as well. 

The winning solution? Happy Feet® Insoles provide multiple benefits to lessen the pain of plantar fasciitis. The proper alignment offered by the insoles helps prevent plantar fasciitis pain caused by improper support in shoes, whether athletic activity is involved or not. The liquid gel evenly distributes weight under the foot, taking pressure away from those areas, such as the heel, that usually suffer more strain. No matter what type of shoe or how well it supports (or hurts) the wearer’s feet, Happy Feet® Insoles can provide relief.  For those already pained by plantar fasciitis, the consistent massaging action of Happy Feet® Insoles alleviates pain from the inflammation of the plantar fascia. After wearing your insoles for just a few weeks, your pain may subside, and you’ll be ready to get back in the game.


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